Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PostgreSQL ODBC Driver

psqlODBC is the official PostgreSQL ODBC Driver.

The source code for this driver was originally adopted from version 0.20 of PostODBC. The authors at that time were Christian Czezatke and Dan McGuirk. Later it was maintained by Julie Ann Case.

As part of a commercial research project, the developers at Insight Distributions System overhauled the driver. Their goal was to make the driver commercially viable. In keeping with the spirit with which the original source was acquired, Insight published their work at this location. Some time later and after some discussion with members of the PostgreSQL organization, psqlODBC was adapted as the part of the PostgreSQL source distribution. The driver continued to be maintained by Byron Nikolaidis, the developer at Insight who overhauled the driver for some time.

The driver is currently maintained by a number of contributors to the PostgreSQL project. It is developed and supported through the mailing list.

psqlODBC is released under the Library General Public Licence, or LGPL.

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