Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to Enrol Blog to Site Alexa

Under these steps:
  1. Open or visit the website Alexa
  2. Then click on the Edit menu Site. Later you will be brought to user login page from Alexa, if you do not already have an account please register first.
  3. Next look at your email and open your membership confirmation email from Alexa.
  4. After confirmation, re-click the Edit menu site. Enter the data your website or blog here.
  5. Next do the verification of your blog. This verification can be done by 3 ways, choose one only:
  • First, with the Meta tags. Copy and paste the meta tag between the tags in your blog template.
  • Secondly, with uploads in the root of your blog. Create a file format. Txt with notepad, copy and paste meta tag into the file and make a name corresponding instructions from Alexa. Then upload the file in root in hosting your blog you use.
  • Third, by way of confirmation via email.
       6. Once you choose and do one of the verification of the above, then click the verification.
       7. Now that your blog has been verified by Alexa. This is a proof that you are
           owner of the website.

Hopefully this post helps!


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